Jimmy Miller

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Born in Bangor, Maine, Jimmy Miller began writing music at a very young age. Jimmy has mastered various styles of music which range from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, Country and even Arabic styles of music. Jimmy not only writes music, but is proficient in playing, and successfully mastering several instruments which include Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Trumpet, Flute, & Tuba. Jimmy focuses his attention mostly on bass guitar for the sole reason, as Jimmy states, “Just too many guitarists & drummers, and not enough bass players.”

Jimmy graduated from high school and attended college to study law, however, his love of music prevailed paving the road for his professional career in music. He has worked with some of the greatest names in the business.

Jimmy began working with Rocky & The Rollers in 1997 as Rocky’s bass guitar player, occasional lead vocals & vocal backup.  In addition to Rocky And The Rollers, Jimmy also owns and operates a music writing/recording business, writes sheet music arrangements for countless artists, and writes comedy bits for radio, many of which have been featured on the Howard Stern Radio Show.

Jimmy now resides in Altamonte Springs, Florida with his wife Nancy, and his two sons, Robby & Matthew and he loves spending time with his grandson.

Jimmy endorses and uses AMPEG Amplifiers